About Me

I’m just a Jersey Girl who has always been in love with words.  I was the kid who carried around an encyclopedia instead of a baby doll.  I read every Nancy Drew mystery before I could hold my own weight across the monkey bars.  My most treasured gift is the set of Great Books of the Western World – 54 musty volumes that skill kick butt.  Baldwin, Hughes, Morrison, and Walker slap me upside the brain and pinch my heart.  Camus, Voltaire, Tolstoy, and Dostoyevsky are just cool like that.  Angleou sings lead in front of thousand other voices.  And God bless her, Marita Golden crosses her arms, accepts no excuses, and makes me stretch towards my own voice.   So I’m here to share what drops into my spirit and talk a little life.  Come on in and have some words with me.

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